Scope of Services

Strategic Consulting and Planning

SPS team is headed by two of North Carolina’s premier political consultants. This team accesses all the strategic challenges facing the client’s needs and develops a comprehensive issue assessment, tactical outline and financial cost assessment for execution of a successful issue management campaign. Comprehensive understanding of how an issue impacts a targeted audience is paramount to a successful effort. The SPS team has the experience and proven track record needed to develop winning strategies for complex issues impacting North Carolina’s business community.

Grassroots Organization

The SPS team has mastered the art of building a strong grassroots effort in support of numerous public issues. SPS has the tools needed to identify, target and motivate the general population into an issue action force in support of a client’s needs.

Grasstops Organization

Not all issues require the motivation and activation of grassroots. In developing an overall strategy, SPS sometimes employ the use of key opinion leaders in local communities. SPS has the resources needed to identify and activate community leaders engaged in support or opposition to key issues.

Mass Communications

The SPS team has created hundreds of television, radio and print advertisements. The team brings the unique experience found from working in local as well as statewide political races in which millions of dollars in advertising media is placed. SPS has the tools and skills needed in today’s world of mass communication to effectively cut through the issue clutter and connect the client message with targeted citizen universe.

Public Opinion Research

The SPS team couples augments its media experience with a strong foundation in public opinion research that allows the SPS team to accurately gauge the effectiveness of mass media campaigns. SPS provides accurate data and quality analysis to ensure the research is applied well to each campaign.

Online Communications

The SPS team successfully leverages the power of the Internet as an extension of our grassroots campaigns. Our team is able to quickly and effectively launch online campaigns that extend reach and awareness of our client’s issues. We achieve this through targeted placement and use of online communities, social networks, e-petitions, and other various e-advocacy methods.